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In this game, you’ll be playing as a zombie and collect hordes of people to add to your zombie army. The game features cartoon-style graphics that will easily appeal to younger players. It’s both entertaining and challenging as you’ll have to stay focused as you brawl through the city, avoid obstacles, and add new people to your horde of zombies.

  • It’s their frightening demeanor, overwhelming numbers, and a never never-ending hunger for flesh.
  • Telltale’s Walking Dead games are all about making tough decisions that have brutally meaningful narrative consequences.
  • You can only spin around your axis and shoot back the zombies.
  • Flat Zombies is a shooter with a rather simple premise and controls.
  • You can customize your character with costumes or buy heavy artillery like the rocket launcher.
  • Even though the remake’s movement and aiming controls feel modern and streamlined, every zombie can take so many bullets — even headshots — and just keep getting back up.

This is the go-to if you’re looking for a brainless shooter to chill and shoot a bunch of nasty Zombies. Dead Trigger 2 is best zombie games first person survival horror video game developed and published by Madfinger Games. Survival games zombie is a unique survival game that some would also regard as the best zombie game. This is a great way to give players a chance to get their hands on rescue.

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The game stresses co-op multiplayer, which sets the stage for some super fun, chaotic showdowns as up to four players fend off their brain-eating prey in an apocalyptic setting. On the one hand, the vibe is very arcade-like, as players scurry about and fire away at fast-moving enemies together. But there’s subtle depth here as well, as players will want to coordinate with each other, upgrade ammo, and gather resources like fuel cans, to help in their escape. Perhaps the most universally esteemed game in the franchise, Capcom pushed all the right buttons with this cinematic RE sequel, upping the ante in terms of production, action, and gore.

To increase battle points, players must build some farms, lumberyards, and other buildings to improve the defense capacity of the settlement. Always upgrade buildings, defense, and train high-level troops to increase battle points. Zombie Beyond Terror is a Zombie game that uses the main character of soldiers who eradicate zombies. Feel the experience of playing zombie extermination with 3D graphics.

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You will have different kinds of missions in this exciting zombie game. Now, the calm town is surrounded by zombies, and you have to save your people from them. J. And Buds are two wealthy businessmen who want to provide you with everything you need to save the city from the zombies. So, tell me, are you ready to face the dangerous zombies or not. There will be different types of advanced weapons that you can use to kill the zombies.

This zombie-themed action shooter game has over five million downloads and 4.3 reviews. The game is about survival by killing the zombies out there, and to kill these undead corpses, you can gain different weapons with different skills. This game comes with 4.5 ratings on google play with more than a hundred thousand downloads for this best zombie games list. This is an action role-playing game and a road trip simulator, and this game did not turn out to be an ordinary zombie-killing game like you have played before. Rage Z is an impressive survival zombie shooter game that also lets you join in PvP battles. You may choose to team up for a survival mode multiplayer match or you can just go solo for a survival action.
The game can be played in both single player and online multiplayer mode. The game can be played in three different modes; story, daily and survival each of which can trigger both fear and aggression in players. It also has a bunch of side challenges and missions that you can perform.

Left to Survive: Zombie Games

You can dispatch as many of these shambling horrors as you like without feeling guilty, making them perfect fodder for shooters, hack-and-slash games and horror titles. Our beloved PSP may be in its twilight years, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of excellent zombie games. © Photo by Game of Survival from the Play StoreGame of Survival dabbles on a more realistic approach to a zombie apocalypse. You won’t start with an arsenal of weapons and you won’t even have anything to start with. You will have to collect supplies and weapons to survive relentless zombie attacks. Test your strategic skills in this game where you’ll be able to write your own legendary story.

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Your goal is to keep those crazy zombies from invading your space. But to do so, you must fill your soil with plants that take out the undead. What better way to celebrate death than to round up some of the best zombie games ever made. Players must fight for their freedom and become strong and fearless zombie slayers. That’s the only way to escape the evil and survive till the end. Kill zombies, find survivors, and collect supplies to create your legacy.

In the game where you will set up your own base, you can play in single mode as well as participate in multiplayer tournaments. We end with a less realistic and more fun aesthetic game. In Zombie Age 2 your enemies are not as scary as in other games, since they look like cartoons. You will have several characters to fight with and different weapons. Without a doubt, it is a lighter alternative that is also tremendously addictive.


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